Week 5: Cooking Class in Taste-evere

 Cooking is an active process, and because of that, that I made a video to show the class in motion.

I’d like to tell you that I’m basically Mario Batali now (or any other famous chef of your liking). UCEAP Rome offered a cooking class for us in Trastevere on Wednesday and it was incredible. Our menu, or rather the dishes we would prepare is as follows:


Focaccia with salsa verde, homemade orecchiette with eggplants and basil pesto, meatballs, grilled vegetables, and panna cotta with plums, walnuts, and honey. Here’s a taste (unfortunately not a real one) of the focaccia with salsa verde.

The main ingredient for this was olive oil, as I found out. One of the instructors came over and just doused the salsa in it, creating super rich flavor that I didn’t expect.

The class was so enjoyable because we cooked, then ate what we cooked, then prepped more food, then ate that food until the very end. It was relaxing to be able to enjoy every bit of food we prepared because it allowed time to savour each course. Check out this making of our pasta and veggie dish…

Making the dough for the pasta:

Cutting the pasta dough into little “pillows” and then morphing them inside out into what the chefs called ears:

Cutting up and adding breadcrumbs to the veggies:

The huge takeaway from the night was that the best food you can eat isn’t crafted with a million ingredients or years of schooling; it is made from scratch with simple, fresh ingredients. The chefs were having none of the prepackaged business we find on every aisle in the U.S.

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